Cloud Computing Workshop at Paytm

We had a super successful cloud computing workshop at Paytm this past Saturday. Quick facts to showcase success of this event: 550 unique registrations for event on meetup groups.More than 150 participants attended event. 117 participants accessed AWS account -97 EC2 instances were launched-114 S3 buckets were created.86 Cloudfront distributions were created

Development on AWS Training

We conducted a 3 day, hands-on training for development on AWS for Quovantis Technologies in Noida.This training was attended by 27 enthusiastic participants. We covered more than 20 AWS services for building solutions on AWS.We built 3 live projects in 3 days that included a fully functional e-commerce website, a batch processing system and a serverless solution.

Docker Event

We organized a full-day, hands-on Docker on AWS Meet-up in association with Docker on 30-June-18. This meet-up was attended by 65 enthusiastic participants.